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Asociación de Familias de Persoas con Discapacidade Psíquica das Comarcas do Barbanza e Noia – AMICOS

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É unha non-profit association for the care and integration of people with intellectual disabilities, autism, paralysis, brain damage and other families. It is listed as a provider of social services of the Xunta de Galicia (nº rexistro -2000/005362/1) and declared of Public Interest (BOE September 28, 2006).

AMICOS emerged in the year 2000, by the hand of a group of parents moved by the need to create a center that attends professionally the needs of their children with severe intellectual disabilities. Thus, after years of efforts, the AMICOS ASSOCIATION DAY CENTER opened its doors in 2004, becoming the only center approved by the Consellería de Familia of the Xunta de Galicia in the Barbanza region. Since that November 8, 2004, there have been many other milestones around Amicos. Among them, the implementation in 2007 of an OCCUPATIONAL CENTER, in which formative-occupational activities are carried out for people with intellectual disabilities that allow them to fight for their socio-labor insertion. Already in 2008, taking into account the needs of relatives of minors with disabilities, and the great demand for direct attention to this group, AMICOS is launching a SPECIAL EDUCATION CENTER. This school, of a concerted private nature, depends on the Ministry of Education of the Xunta de Galicia.

Entered in 2014, we are about to see one of our dreams come to fruition: the implementation of a residence for people with severe disabilities who do not have the support of a family. Its culmination will not be a goal, but a step in the long way that AMICOS has to go through, looking for the well-being of people with intellectual disabilities. OBJECTIVES Let us know about how to support and help families of people with intellectual disabilities. Work to promote the integral development of people with intellectual disabilities. Provide people with intellectual disabilities with basic instrumental knowledge and social skills that facilitate their integration into the work world. Fight for socially integrating the collective with intellectual disability, offering you the necessary psychosocial resources. Promote the attention and occupational training of people with intellectual disabilities. Advise, support and train people with intellectual disabilities and their families. To bring to the knowledge of society the reality of people with intellectual disabilities, through integration days, views of educational centers, etc.

Contact details:
Address: Lugar de Comoxo, 2 – A, 15938, Boiro (A Coruña), Spain
Phone: +34981865716

Bulgarian Association for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities – BAPID


The Bulgarian Association for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities (BAPID) is a national network of organizations for people with intellectual disabilities, their families, advocates and professionals. The Association was established in 1993 and in 1996 the Council of Ministers acknowledged its national representation.

BAPID’s members are more than 2400, throughout the country, and our 45 member organizations and parent union covers 110 municipalities. In 2015, a National Platform of Self-Advocates of people with intellectual disabilities was established to BAPID,

Our mission is to defend the right to dignified and independent life for persons with intellectual disabilities and their families, guaranteed by secured access to quality services, supported decision-making and employment opportunities. BAPID advocates for national and local policy that supports the full involvement of persons with intellectual disabilities and their families in developing and monitoring of national, regional, and local policies related to them.

To promote the rights of people with intellectual disabilities, BAPID takes active advocacy actions to support the implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. In compliance with article 12 with of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, BAPID is working on implementing the supported decision – making model as an alternative to the guardianship for persons with intellectual disabilities.

BAPID develops and implements projects aiming at providing community based servives for persons with intellectual disabilities, early intervention, monitoring the rights of persons with intellectual disabilities and their families; building the self-advocacy capacity of people with intellectual disabilities, developing support networks, inclusive education, supported employment, trainings of parents, self-advocates, advocates and professionals working in the social services for people with intellectual disabilities.


BAPID is a member of the National Council for integration of people with disabilities as well as a full member of Inclusion Europe, Inclusion International and the European Association of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities.

BAPID has developed training methodology for working skills training of people with severe and profound intellectual disabilities, accompanied by motivational training modules for professionals working with people with severe and profound intellectual disabilities.

Contact details:

Address: 10 Lavele Str. Floor 4, ap. 16, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria




Association for Social Cooperatives – SNRSS

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Association for Social Cooperatives was established in 2003 in Poznan, Poland, as successor and continuator of association’s activity called “Our Home”. The organization changed its name from “Our Home” to Association for Social Cooperatives in 2005 by decision of General Meeting. The main idea behind it is to support the emerging movement of social cooperatives in Poland. It embraces about 30 people working in two locations – Poznan and Konin. The essential task for association is providing help in setting up social cooperatives, complying with the law formalities as well as creating adequate conditions for running the business. The association provides counseling and information assistance to its cooperators in their current activities. It creates good conditions for social cooperatives to share experiences among each other and exchange information between them and other economic subjects. It presents also the experience of existing organizations at conferences, in publications and through traditional and electronic media to both the interested parties in establishing social cooperatives and to general public opinion.

SNRSS has a vast experience in management of the social economy projects co- financed by the European Union framework of the European Social Fund, including coordination of the international activities. It has a group of highly qualified people in all the fields of project management, including professional guidance, accounting, evaluation, marketing. The total funds granted in the 2012-16 is about 8 mln euro and the total number of social enterprises that were supported within the SNRSS projects in that period of time is about 5 hundreds. Among them there are numerous enterprises involved in food production and processing. The essential task for association is providing help in setting up social cooperatives, complying with the law formalities as well as creating adequate conditions for running business. The association provides counselling and information to its co-operators in their current activities. It creates good conditions for social cooperatives to share experiences among each other and exchange information between them and other economic subjects. It presents also the experience of existing organizations at conferences, it publications and through traditional and electronic media to both the interested parties in establishing social cooperatives and to general public opinion.

The SNRSS is well known and respected organization in the Polish social economy sector. It has a strong cooperation with wide range of local authorities that are acting in the social affairs and employment areas.

Contact details:
Address: Górecka 115/1, 61-475, Poznan, Poland
Phone: +48618871166


Medatlantia Consultoria Europea S. Coop. Galega – MedAtlantia

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MedAtlantia is a worker cooperative, integrated by a team of professionals specialized in the areas of Economy, Social-labor Inclusion, Psychology, Education and Training and Political Sciences. It offers technical consultancy services to public and private entities, especially social economy and non-profit organizations, in the following fields:

  • Coordination and management of Training Plans of Public Administrations.
  • Coordination, organization and evaluation of VET activities for youth and adults.
  • Preparation, management and evaluation of projects, financed by European funds, of several kinds and topics: social economy, circular economy, active learning, cooperative entrepreneurship, social innovation, inclusion and universal accessibility.
  • Development of socio-labor insertion plans for groups at risk of social exclusion applying innovative methodologies such as employment and self-employment with support.
  • Innovative methodologies that facilitate universal accessibility by promoting equal opportunities.
  • Development and implementation of circular economy projects. Our main goals includes social projects that produce improvement of employment, education and social opportunities for people with disabilities or special needs, promotion of their equal rights and prevention of exclusion.

The work team has more than 15 years of experience in the coordination, management and evaluation of projects of several kinds, such as: education and training; accompaniment and training of people at risk of social exclusion for their full integration; the circular economy and generation of green employment and initiatives, territorial development.

In addition, we have a network of experts in different topics, such as: culture, heritage, architecture, environment, territorial development, health, research, technology, among others … that support us with specialized technical knowledge when our projects require it.

Contact details:
Address: Accede Papagaio, Rúa Hospital, Nº19 Bajo, 15001, A Coruña, Spain
Phone: +34622163218


SC Psihoforworld – SCP


SC Psihoforworld was established in April 2016 as a continuation of the "David Anca Individual Psychology" Cabinet set up in 2012. Legal change was made by expanding the psychological services of our company.
Our main activity is addressed to people with disabilities within the local community, so that – according to case studies – we have developed the following therapeutic programs:

 Children with disabilities (autism, mental retardation, Down syndrome and other conditions) have been included in therapeutic recovery programs; in the process of recovery of deficient children we use effective and personalized methods according to case-law (ABA / PECS / Montessori technique) and speech therapy therapy software.

 For young people with disabilities who have difficulty in social integration, we have developed partnerships with schools that offer educational services to young people without disabilities; through the specificities of the activities we implement (sports activities / playful activities / theater and art therapy) we contribute to the development of friendship / communication and cooperation relations between young people with disabilities and young people without deficiencies; we mention that we currently have 250 young volunteers who contribute to the process of social integration of children / young people with disabilities:

 To help raise self-esteem and self-image of parents with children / young people with disabilities, we regularly organize group counseling sessions; we also encourage collaborative relationships between them and institutions / NGOs that offer social services; for guidance and legal counseling we have concluded 2 volunteer contracts with specialists in the field. To facilitate people with disabilities access to our company services, we have signed partnership agreements with the Braila Inclusive Education Center (which educates pupils with special educational needs) and the General School Nikos Kazanzakis (who train pupils with disabilities, Rroma students, pupils without parents coming from the social protection system, adult students who want to continue their studies, who are included in the national education program -Second chance-. Also, in order to help integrate and combat marginalization of rural youth, we have a partnership with the educational institution that educates about 70% of rural students, namely the School Group GH. K. Constantinescu (agricultural profile). The main purpose of our work is to contribute to the social integration of people with disabilities and people with social adaptation difficulties.

As our company profile is in the field of psychology, we currently have 30 volunteers (psychologists, psychologists and counselors) who contribute to therapeutic activities, so we can provide free psychological services to people in need.

Contact details:
Address: Str. Progresului nr.3, bl.A8, 810394, Braila, Romania
Phone: +40746303889


Associação Grão Vasco – AGV


The Associação Grão Vasco is a fledgling association, founded in October 2015. It was born from the desire of the educational community of the Grão Vasco School Grouping to find solutions for the social problems of that same community.

This is necessary because the institution we call School is in fact surrounded by a permeable membrane, through which problems may enter, but which also allows the solutions for those very problems to pass through with equal force.

The Agrupamento de Escolas Grão Vasco is a group of schools made up of 15 separate educational establishments, situated in the centre and outskirts of the city of Viseu, and attended by 2569 children and young people with age groups ranging from pre-school to Year 9 (3 to 16 years of age), with serious social problems and 212 children with special needs. The grouping is home to Special Schools for the visually impaired, for bi-lingual education and for early years intervention and a Learning Resource Centre which provides support for students with autism spectrum disorder. The grouping also has an Education and Training Course for older students with behavioural and motivational problems and long term educational underachievment.

The principles of equality, autonomy and social responsability  are at the very heart of our educational ethos and have been at the centre of various projects we have developed over the years.

And promoting social inclusion and community integration, developing individual autonomy and strengthening dialogue, interculturality and education throughout life, supporting families and sharing knowledge are some of our objectives.

Of all the work we carry out with our students with disabilties, we would like to highlight the individual support provided for skills development by teachers, psychologists and therapists, the training and support offered to families, the “Asas nos Pés” Inclusive Dance Group, swimming lessons … and much more.

We are on a journey, facing the challenge of breaking down differences, demistifying limitations and promoting genuinly equal opportunities!

Contact details:
Address: Alameda Luís de Camões, Escola Básica Grao Vasco, 3500-149, Viseu,
Phone: +351919250421

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